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You are in the right place when it comes to auto glass repair and replacement, where more than 20 years experience gives less room for mistakes and provide better practices to avoid unnecessary situations.  For a good windshield repair or replacement experience call us today.

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1st Repair    $60.00

2nd Repair   $15.00

6" long crack   $70.00


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Windshield repair is nothing but convenience and good sense.  Filling a cracked windshield is easy, hustle free, environmentally friendly, logic.  With our system and formula we think you can get the best looking and long lasting windshield repair, and here is why:   

The extensive research done in the past 18 years on the best Ultra Violet Curing Resins, by testing their abilities and reaction - within a specific time frame - to elements like; wax, soap, rain-X, dirt, cold, heat, moisture, road gunk, etc., (all of these being able to affect the end result of a repair), have determined us to create our own resin formula that gives out a better visual outcome and strength that surpasses most if not all windshield resins on the market. Most of the 'top' resins we have tested do not stand against the elements mentioned above, for long periods of time.


Damages up to a quarter coin are easily repairable reducing blemish visibility up to 98%. Repairing it, restores the structural integrity of the windshield, and saves you money. 


Call your auto insurance agent and ask if you get a free windshield repair, then simply tell them you'd like to use Star Fix Windshield Repair for the service. Please know that you can choose any company you want. You can use FAQ/Repair page to find out more about your Insurance coverage on windshield repair.


There are some rare cases where the windshield repair fails, therefore we will   refund your money or apply the whole amount toward a new glass installed with us.


Please read the FAQ/Repair page for more details on windshield repair.


For a professional windshield repair or replacement, call Star Fix at: (919) 274-7164



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