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Q: Will my insurance cover the cost for the glass replacement?

The best thing to do before calling a shop is to find out from your agent whether your policy covers the glass repair or replacement and how much is your deductible.  Also remember that is not worth using your auto insurance, if our replacement comes less than your deductible.

Another scenario whether to use your insurance or not is this: Your deductible is $250. The replacement is $250. In this case you would let us know and we might be able to reduce your deductible based upon how much we get from your insurance company. You're saving money this way by using your insurance.


Q: I only have liability.

Liability Insurance only covers for the damages made to another vehicle. But there are some insurance companies   who will do a promotional package including a comprehensive coverage for a specific period of time as a promotion,  therefore it's a good idea to ask your agent if you get a free windshield repair at the time being.


Q: Will my premium rates go up?

No. Usually a windshield damage falls under "no fault" claim therefore your rates are staying put.


Q: Can you come to my work place, and how long will it take to complete the job?

Yes, we go to where you are at your convenience for no additional cost. Time wise, it varies from glass to glass, say between 40 to 75 min.  


Q:How log before I can drive my car?

By the book it's 3 hours from the time we set the glass in. If you need to  drive the car right away you can do so, it will not effect the outcome of an installation, but it will be your choice and also your responsibility in case of an accident within the curring time.

For a door glass you can drive right away.


Q: Do you offer warranty?

Yes, we offer warranty on leaks and craftsmanship for the life of the glass.


Q:Payment methods.

We have payment options:



American Express,

Personal checks,

and of course cash. 


Q: Who do I contact the shop in case of an issue?

You can go online at and leave a comment  there or you can call us directly at (919) 274-7164


Schedule a replacement here  or call (919) 274-7164


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