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Note:  Following a couple of simple and easy steps right after you get your windshield damaged could greatly improve the outcome of the repair.

#1. Keep your windshield dry until the technician comes,  or

#2. Place a small piece of tape right on top of the damage to keep out any contamination and water. Packaging tape works perfectly but please make sure you ONLY use the tape scenario if no water has entered in. We certainly don't want to seal the water inside the chip... giving it no chance to evaporate.

Nevertheless, if all of this sounds complicated, no worries, here at Star Fix we know how to tackle these contaminated damages, so you can rest assured the repair will come out the best it can.



Q: Does my Insurance cover the repair expenses?

A:  If you have comprehensive coverage, yes. Make sure to call your agent first and find out if you have a deductible to pay.


Q: I only have liability Insurance.

A:  Liability Insurance only covers for the damages made to another vehicle. But there are some insurance companies   who will do a promotional package including a comprehensive coverage for a specific period of time as a promotion,  therefore it's a good idea to ask your agent if you get a free windshield repair at the time being.


Q: Will my rates go up?

A:  No. Usually a windshield damaged from little rock, falls under "no fault" claim therefore your rates are staying put.

Some insurance companies call these instances 'An act of God' ..I really thought this is very funny when I first heard's like God having a blast throwing small rocks from the sky to pop people's windshields :))


Q: How long will a repair last?

A:  A repair done correctly and where no contamination is present, lasts forever. Contaminants like wax and rain-X are the worst factors when it comes to the longevity and the aesthetic of a repair. When these kind of chemicals enter inside the damage, it's practically hard to determine how long the resin will hold. That's when we use a more acidic resin to break down the contaminants, because it's quite impossible to extract wax or rain-x out of a damage before injecting the resin. The repair in these cases will also be a bit more visible, but strong enough  to last  many years.

...Therefore it's a very good idea to tape the damage right after you get it, or to keep it dry if possible until someone comes to repair it.


Q: Can you come to my residence or work place, and how long will it take to complete the job?

Yes we come to you, and we can repair your windshield within 30 minutes.


Q: Do I need to clean my windshield before the technician comes? 

A:  Absolutely not. It's not recommended at all.  Moisture within the damage area only adds difficulty to a repair and you get a less invisible repair.


Q: How long before I can drive my car?

A:  Immediately.


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